The Internet is the Most Public Medium

Here is what I know about the Internet, everyone who has a tablet, notebook, or laptop can access hundreds of TB of information from all over the world…  That being said, now it is being assumed that, in this age of technology, that some have no right to use digital media, even based on everything from shopping to getting employed is online.

This is where people who assume that everyone in certain categories must be doing things, even if they have never done so…  This is kind of like a “one size fits all” mentality, so they don’t have to look at things that are a part of a specific situation.

Just because people have used the Internet since the beginning, and people don’t take the time to hire or do normal business with them, it does not mean they are doing anything of concern.


A cold wave affects most of the country

it looks like alot of people this winter have to deal with a level of cold that they haven’t seen in many years.  People always talk about “global warming” or other hot-button issues, so they don’t have to look at more positive and productive things.

One example of this is, my friend has tried to get both their local media & national news channels to cover a fund-raising effort, and even someone learning to write books, they don’t even cover that…  My friend is trying to get people to help with a personal issue, where he feels that people that deal with a specific group, want to harass him like alot of the others.  But the papers or news media don’t even look into it.

The media is focused on the negative, because they know that people take notice.  I am sure they would like to know the positive, too.

(No Subject)

What’s up, everyone?  I have seen that some people stand by their assumptions, versus even trying to look at both sides of whatever situation…  i don’t think many people who want almost everything they are doing to be noticed, has no reason that they should not “be allowed to interact with people”.  This makes it seem like they don’t have the same right to move on with their lives.

I think the Iowa Governor should talk to Mike and look into his situation.  I think society and the media, need to realize that there are positive things that should be as wll known as some of the things that people are being made aware of.


Misc. Post

I would like to say that, when it comes to people that are social with others, that most people should take things as they come, instead of trying to assume things.  I would think that most people can try to see what other people have to say, long before having any assumption to what they should or should not be involved with.

If people have friends, or talk to alot of people about almost everything, this shows that people have nothing that people should be ashamed of.  What people should do is try to find middle ground, in almost all situations.


Blogs and Websites Need a Broad Audience

Posting to a larger audience or to a larger niche comunity, whether it is related to age or interest, can help alot more people learn about what is on your mind, and what you have to say.  The people who want to assume that some people are not supposed to show what they know need to really determine who has the right to decide for other people.

When ids are little, it’s alot of parents who ake decisions…  But, as people grow up, over a period of time, they learn how things work and how to mae up their own mind or decisions.  Most parents, after kids get into their tweens or teens, know that they have a different roll than when kids are little.

My parents or other relatives know that I know more about like tech stuff, while they have alot more experience in alot of personal situations.


Online Interactions/Content

I see that people are thinking that if people are online, that they must be doing something that they shouldn’t…  People need to realize that 95% of the time, that’s not the case.

Before trying to condemn someone for things that are being assumed, reality needs to be taken into account.  Most people online that use what they know, should be appreciated instead of shunned.

Anyone, no matter their age, location, or skill level, need to be able to see how to use the Internet as a part of their lives, instead of being scared to talk to anyone…  I see that whether in high school or college, alot of the computer-type classes only cover the basics.


(No Subject)

I recently talked to a number of people aout the way one of my friends have been manhandled by their local officials…  Alot of what they are doing is harassment, because of the fact that there has never been anything there, whether months ago or years ago…  This should make headlines, so that everyone knows what is going on…

On one hand they want to force my friend to pay for “spyware”, to find further things to cause problems.  This shows me that they know what they re doing is unethical, and could come down to “criminal harassment” of someone who is not doing anything that they shouldn’t be.


People need to learn what is their business

It look like, from what I hear, tht they’re tryng to still use my friend’s online content against him…  The thing is, most everyone that talks to people on a daily basis.  This is not anything that anyone can do much of anything about…  This is when it becomes harassment, based on trying to look for something that is not remotely an issue.

People have all the right in the world to stand up for themselves.  Just because someone doesn’t agree with their ideas or what they know about or talk about, that does not show fault on anyone’s part.


Do people have the right to block someone to use personal/online property?

If certain people have a computer and/or the Internet, do people, based on their false assumptions try to curtail their constitutional rights…  This is a serious legala issue, which in it’s own right should be looked at on it’s own merits.  I think this is further misuse of an “imagined cause”, what people in charge of these things need do is see whether or not the person is involved in anything that is even remotely worth worrying about.

I wonder if that is why so many people are concerned, are they afraid of people finding out the truth?!  Do they not understand who is doing something they shouldn’t?!


People that judge others

When it comes to perceptions of others, or judgments against other people, I would think that people would want to know how they are, and how most people grow up knowing right and wrong…  These days, it seems like so many people never look into the way soeone else…  If they hear the slightest thing that they don’t get, some people think that they need to assume the other person is a threat.  That’s not fair.

I think most parents and kids should learn how to do a family website or something, so they can learn how the Internet works, not just spazzing on YouTube or social media.


Online Harassment

What’s with all of the people who are assuming that some people don’t have the same right to be respected online or have the ability to interact with others?  People need to see how someone is, before judging them…  This is why using illegitimate things, whether online or offline, to harass is wrong on alot of levels.

I think so many people, when they hear some of the things on the news, they start to get scared to make new friends…  I would think this is pretty pointless.


(No Subject)

Everyone should get involved with the Chat Zone and do business with ADNet2010™.  Mike DeNeut’s website have been online forever.  People should do business online to reach alot more people!!

There is alot of people seem to not want to be friends with alot of people, because they assume that everyone over a certain age, who knows how to use the Internet, must be some kind of threat.

More people should blog, chat, and create sites, then they would see how much effort and hard work is involved by so many online.


The National News Media Ignores Alot of Valid Stories

With this post, I would like to let everyone now to forward these 2 links to all local & national news sources, as well as the Iowa Governor, the Iowa ACLU, as well as CNN, the Today Show, and NBC Nightly News..

Also, 321Chat,  as well as TeenChat/Zobe seem to block normal people, on the words of known spammers, this is beng done on things that areno longer even legal, much less relevant.  I think everyone needs to know these things!


(No Subject)

What’s going on people?  I would like to remind everyone that there are tie in pages, for static updates…  To reach them, just go to the index page in the subdomain…

When comes to folders and subdomains, the folders on a server that are used for a specific purpose should be made into a subdomain to make it easier to find and remember.  Most people would know how that works, if they were not afraid to chat and actually use sites and blogs to show people what they know about.


Why are people continuing to harass Mike DeNeut?

My friend, Mike dropped from the retarded sex offender list that was illegitimate,  after the 10 years that his state required, so why are people continuing to harass him, why is he still listed, when the 10-year period has long since expired…  This is ILLEGAL on the state’s part.

More information on this can be found here…  it seems like people want to indefinitely harass someone, based on something that hs been nonsense for several years.

This should make news!!

Misc. Post

I was wondering, when it comes to the WordPress permalink, how the post numbers work…  What I was wondering about that, is does it depend on frequency or the size of the posts.   I have seen that alot of people who blog or write content for the Internet typically they don’t hold back.

If people post longer posts, should they be seperated in to different pages, or just be one free-flowing document?  I think people hould watch their word count & try to explain their material as efficiently as possible.  At the same time, more people need to post alot of content and be able to show people what they know about.


Do some people not have the right to chat?

TeenChat, Zobe, and 321 Teenchat seem to block normal users to their websites for no reason…  How can they do that??  Forums & chatrooms need users and traffic to remain relevant.

In one case, my friend and I tried to get the spaz that moderates the 321 Chats, to fix the imagined issues, and they gave bith of use some line of crap that some people don’t have the right to chat..  It’s a public chatroom, not anyting of a criminal or illegal nature…  This needs to be fix, and the troll that started this hit needs the BAN.


(No Subject)

I have seen that some blogs get viewed alot, while other blogs barely get noticed…  I have seen that when it comes to the blogging community, that a majority of traffic goes to either celebs, newspapers, or even other famous people…  I was wondering, when almost all posts are indexed, why there are so many that never see what is being posted.  To me, it is like how with YouTube videos that aren’t viewed, while other people have like 20,000 or 30,000 video views in like a week or so.

I would think that sites like YouTube would have alot more videos with alot of views..  This is why people shouldn’t leave Youtube, just because some people comment on videos.

There is no need to be scared of people who are friendly.

Why are stupid people trusted, but not normal people?

It looks like, when it comes to the Internet, alot of people seem to trust morons about the negative aspects of the Internet, instead of giving everyone a fair shot & seeing who is actually causing the problems…  Why can people be hated or avoided, based on nonsense?!  That makes no sense.

People need to know that most everyone, whether chatting, doing videos, or being social, that they re not doing anything that they shouldn’t be.  Do some people not have the right to be around other people?!


Misc. Post

I don’t see why people will believe known troblemakers, without looking into seeing that they don’t know anything.  Why do people lose the right to communicate and make friends, just because they aren’t liked by known idiots?

Can other peopledetermine what someone they now nothing about can’t or can’t do?  This is why some people should not be online, and why cyber-bulying needs to be stopped…  How can people believe known idiots, even when they see to the contrary?